Types Of Towing Equipment Used In Louisville, KY

You might need roadside assistance at any time of the day. Whether it is an accident or a mechanical failure you have suffered, towing equipment will come in handy. We will be discussing the types of tow trucks and towing equipment.

There are five common types of towing equipment used. The type of equipment used depends on the model and size of the vehicle that needs towing. The equipment is hook and chain, boom, flatbed, wheel lift, and integrated. Let’s discuss them in detail.

– Boom

A boom is mostly used on several types of tow trucks and not necessarily on a specific kind of truck. This piece of towing equipment is used in recovering vehicles from ditches, culverts, or embankment. It is also used in recovering vehicles from places where rescue vehicles cannot be safely backed-up to.

– Hook and chain

Another type of tow truck equipment is the wheel lift. This type of tow truck is not used much these days because it can cause scratches to bumpers. This towing equipment is used by looping chains around the axle or frame of the vehicle, then pulled up by a winch. The car is then let to rest adjacent to a pair of rubber mats. The vehicle is then towed on its other wheels. This equipment is usually used in towing vehicles that have steel bumpers, those that do not have one or two of the front or rare wheels, or those that have been involved in an accident. All-wheel drive automatic transmission vehicles cannot be towed with the help of this equipment because it tends to cause specific issues with their drive train.

– Flatbeds

With this type of towing equipment, a hydraulically leaned and moved flatbed is fixed at the back of a tow truck. The vehicle that needs recovery is placed on top of the towing truck using a winch which pulls it, or if it’s in working condition, then the vehicle can be driven on to the flatbed.

– Integrated tow truck

The types of towing equipment that are used today are more specialized compared to other types of tow trucks from years past. For heavy-duty purposes, these are the trucks to call in. They are capable of rescuing other rigs or buses. This type of tow truck has extra axles to provide it with strength and stability.


– Wheel-lift tow truck

This type of tow truck isn’t that different from a hook and chain one because they have similar mechanisms. The main difference between the two is the former has a metal yoke and the later uses of straps which cause more damage to the towed vehicle. To which a car, the metal yoke is hooked under its front or rare wheels. A hoist or lift is used to lift the front or rare side of the vehicle being towed from the ground and tow it away. Front wheel drive vehicles are towed from the front when using this equipment.

Tow trucks come in handy when stuck somewhere or in need of help. If you own or operate a tow truck, it is critical that you have it in good condition and ready to respond when help is needed. Therefore, contact us today for tow truck repairs.

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